Transitions Solutions

There is a growing acceptance in the medical community that people who lead happy and active social lives enjoy better health than those who do not. Whilst medical interventions are of course necessary to treat specific health problems, the importance of strong social networks, access to friends, family, support and an active social life should not be underestimated. OPM Group

Transitions Solutions will support those 18+ who are socially isolated or experiencing low to moderate mental health issues.  There are a range of services involved in supporting local people to connect better with their community and make a positive contribution.  Transitions Solutions includes Community Connections, Family Solutions, supported volunteering, work and student placements. All areas of support follow a Solutions Focused Asset Based Approach (endorsed by UCLAN Evaluation – June 2014). Specialising in engagement and bespoke, practical personal development our services and programmes recognise strengths and resilience rather than focusing on need.

Individual Solutions  

Whether it is a chat over a cup of coffee, a weekly telephone conversation or involvement with social activities, Individual Support aims to encourage and raise self esteem, through mentoring and befriending.

Group Solutions

Group activities take place weekly, at various locations around East Lancashire. Each group provides a safe, social setting for participants, with attendees encouraged to develop activities, depending upon the needs of those involved. Groups appeal to a wide range of interests.  Activities such as Purl in the Parlour (knitting and coffee), Men’s Social Group, Team Solutions, Colour Craft, Art Heritage all take place weekly, at our venue in Accrington. InterGen brings together younger and older people in a social group setting. Taking part in a variety of activities, attendees develop and learn new skills in a unique intergenerational setting.  Associated mentoring, befriending, training and support are provided by Community Solutions’ team of staff and volunteers.

Family Solutions

Community Solutions Family Solutions reaches out to local families who are experiencing difficulties. Implementing a Solutions Focused Asset Based Approach we  provide opportunities for families to build support networks, feel safe in their community, and look towards a positive working life.

Practical Solutions

Developed to help people through a difficult time of genuine need, food and practical home support is available.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

How Do I Make A Referral For Support?

Please contact or 01254 460080 for Support Solutions referral criteria, explanation of the service and to return completed referral form. For the referral form for please click here.