Volunteer Opportunities

Community Solutions offers meaningful volunteering opportunities, across a wide variety of support services and non support roles. Volunteering roles fit in with lifestyle commitments and help those involved achieve their full potential. Volunteers receive full training, additional course opportunities and regular, ongoing support to achieve their goals. Many of our volunteers both past and present have moved onto employment and other training ventures.

Although many do not seek this reason for volunteering the greatest reason to volunteer is to support and make a positive impact and difference to someone else’s life. Our aim is to support our local community and together with your help we can achieve this aim.

Why Volunteer?

Enhance Employability
Develop Confidence
Share Knowledge
Learn New Skills
Increase Social Opportunities
Support Local Community
Unique Experience
Improve Health and Well Being

There is no greater heart than the heart of a volunteer – Winston Churchill

If you’re interested in helping the community, looking for experience to help further your career or wish to increase social opportunities please complete Volunteer Referral Form or contact us to find out more. Our team will arrange to meet you to discuss volunteering in more detail and help you find a role that’s right for you. We also have other roles within the organisation however the above roles are what we required urgently. If you want to further develop skills in these areas or what like to contribute your existing skills please contact us.

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now”

Napoleon Hill