3 Week Highlights

16th April 2020

These past three weeks have been very hectic and uncertain for many people.  However, here at Community Solutions we wanted to share some positives than have happened to people in our community. In this blog we will look at some highlights of working from home from our staff team as well as some good news that we thought you all would like to know.

 ?My highlight from the last 3 weeks while working from home is that the weekly well-fare calls that I make are making a difference to the people I call, all of them thank me for calling them and they say it means a lot to them.  When they say this, I just know that what Community solutions are doing makes a difference and that?s what makes me smile and helps me get through the day? ? Leane

?During the past 7 days I have been able to support many families who required food parcels due to financial difficulties. Knowing that you can support somebody in a small way makes the job worthwhile and shows the benefit of a daily phone call offering support.? ? Mark

 ?My highlight is seeing the whole team coming together and coming up with innovative ways for us to continue to support people in different ways. Loving our new digital opportunities that are keeping us in touch ? what perfect timing having got this set up before the virus struck #BestTeamEver? ? Maggie

 ?My highlight from the past three weeks would have to be when I called a volunteer about a blog I was writing, and they were just so happy and lovely to speak to and it just made my day that little bit better. Our volunteers are the best!? ? Reuben

 ?I have enjoyed talking to people whom we support. I know that our telephone befriending service is invaluable especially at this time. Our telephone befrienders are doing an amazing job in keeping the community spirit going, keeping people connected & ensuring that no one is alone.? ? Jane

?One of my highlights is seeing people connected with Community Solutions growing in confidence digitally. I hope that this newfound confidence will result in people staying socially connected and having increased support friendships in the future.? ? Craig

?My highlight over the last few weeks, working from home, is that I learned a new skill!! Yeah me!! I managed to successfully (with a little help from my friends) deliver online training to some of our amazing potential volunteers!! It was amazing that we all were in different homes but in the same room at the same time! It was epic ?? ? Amanda

?My highlight over the last week since I returned from leave has to be the new role I?ve been accepted for! I am genuinely excited for the new opportunity and the upcoming challenges that come with it! Also connecting with our volunteers and participants regularly is keeping a smile on my face.? ? Louis

Online Training:

Last week we held our very first online training session during COVID-19 for the Volunteer Induction, and it was amazing, Liz Pollard one of the many people on the course said this…

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It?s amazing that even if we can?t meet at Elmfield Hall people still want to do their part and volunteer for us to help their local community in any way they can.

We have even more online training coming up see below for more details:

Mindfulness: https://bit.ly/2K5MtEv

Employability: https://bit.ly/2Xy3qQ0

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Smart Budgeting: https://bit.ly/2XGVmN4

Volunteer Induction: https://bit.ly/2RHbQ3O

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