Five great virtual walks you can watch and walk with at home!

12th May 2020

For those of you that follow us on social media, or are signed up to our weekly emails, you may have noticed that we are currently doing a #155km challenge to help raise funds for our Befriending services. Several members of the team are aiming to run, walk or cycle 155km throughout the month of May, that?s 5km a day! We?re encouraging people to support is with our challenge by taking part in a short walk themselves and sending us a picture We know that not everyone can get outside for a walk at the moment, and we don?t you to miss out, so here?s a selection of virtual walks that you can do from home. You can use your phone, computer or maybe even your TV to take a scenic stroll, walking on the spot, without even leaving the house!

These are in no order so read through each to see which ones suits you the best.

4km Virtual Walk along Sunset Beach

Enjoy a several mile stretch of beige sand, great views of waves, lush vegetation and a peaceful atmosphere. It?s a picturesque beach known for it?s beautiful sunsets in Hawaii. Listen to soothing nature sounds and imagine you are already in Sunset Beach in Hawaii.

Virtual Hike Sol Duc Falls Nature Trail

What a beautiful virtual hike! Sol Duc Falls Nature Trail leads through one of the greenest, quietest forests you?ve ever visited. This scenic trail is very rooty, with trunks of fallen trees, stumps, and romantic wooden bridges! You will walk along admirable forests paths and look at the impressive giant collapsed trees and rooted trunks all from your living room.

Virtual Walk – The Fairy-Tale Mossy Rainforest

Enter the mossy forest and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. On this walk you will encounter an amazing forest where thick moss hugs tree trunks from the top to the ground, complete with gnarly roots covered with lichens and ferns. Walking through a mossy forest, you will feel all kinds of feelings emerge, from appreciating its beautiful landscape to the feeling of delight at times!

Virtual Walk through a Tropical Forest

Ever wanted to walk through the rainforest? This video will bring you to the tropical forest and  features amazing giant trees and a lush greenery! You will see lots of palm trees, bamboos and more. The forest is a haven for many unique bird species so a pleasant birdsong will accompany you throughout the journey and sun rays are trying to penetrate through the trees. It?s a true paradise on earth.

Virtual Hike Through a Sun-Lit Forest

Take a virtual hike through a sun-lit forest along the Bear Ridge Trail near Issaquah. Explore this beautiful area and relax! Enjoy the views of the moss-covered trees and lush ferns. You will hear the lovely birds singing at the beginning of the hike, as well as sounds of the footsteps and peaceful forest sounds.

To sponsor our #155km challenge please visit or text TEAMCSNW to 70085 now to donate ?5.

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