A Day in The Life – Amanda

24th March 2020

Hi, I’m Amanda – Community Trainer here at Community Solutions!

I am currently working from my dining room as there are a few of us working from home and a lot of the  rooms are being used, think I’ll start charging for office space lol! 😊

This week I will be working on our Befriending scheme, contacting some of the amazing people who attend our groups and having a chat / catching up. Plus, I’ll be putting together some very exciting training ready for the next season at Community Solutions. Watch this space…

I enjoy the work I do because no day is EVER the same… it’s so varied and interesting. The people we meet (well, at the moment chat to over the phone) are so amazing! Being part of an organisation who really care, well, what’s not to like about that?

The highlight of my week so far is that I have enjoyed chatting to some of our amazing people over the phone, who I would normally engage with face to face. They’re so grateful for a call, someone to chat to. I’m looking forward to creating training that will be so helpful for everyone too! I’m not going to give too much away 😉

– Amanda

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