A Day in The Life – Craig

08th April 2020

Hi, I?m Craig I work within various roles at Community Solutions; managing the safeguarding of the organisation and the day to day operations are a couple of my various responsibilities.

Recent events have caused us all to have to readjust our lives and to discover inventive ways of working and connecting. These times can create significant challenges to us all. At Community Solutions we are aware of the challenges that loneliness and isolation create and we endeavour to respond to these challenges by connecting digitally. I hope you have enjoyed talking to the many valuable volunteers responding to the need by connecting with you by phone calls and digital technology. Thank you to our volunteers!

Although we are mindful of the devastating loss that some people are experiencing at this time, I am a firm believer that out of every challenge good things can be gained. At Community Solutions we seek to be Solution Focused so this is certainly a season to look for the opportunities and positive things about our community. It is heartening to see communities rallying together to support each other. Local neighbourhoods are communicating again. Families are having meals together and playing games. Social media is awash with communities singing and dancing in the streets. Let?s hope and pray that we all come through this difficult season positive and changed for the better.

Although this present isolation can be tough this is only a season, it is not permanent! so I look forward to getting out and about and Elmfield Hall returning to a vibrant social hub that it has become.

Take Care and Stay Connected,


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