A Day in The Life – Leane

31st March 2020

Firstly I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff and volunteers. You are all working really hard to call and support the people who are involved with Community Solutions. I have had a quick look at the calls that were made last week and we contacted over 400 people with most feedback of

? Thank you for the call, it means a lot?.

This week has started quiet compared to last week, which was crazy.

What I?m going to enjoy about working from home is that I?ll be able to catch up on the Volunteer reviews, so lots of calls this week and hopefully do some video calls.

It?s crazy how much you miss staff when you don?t see them every day, but we have got in the swing of video conference meetings which at the moment we are doing twice a week.

See you all soon, Take care and stay safe.

– Leane

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