A Day in The Life – Teyyibah

09th April 2020

Hi, my name is Teyyibah and I am the Finance Officer for CSNW. Currently working from home with wonderful views of the garden and fantastic weather. I miss the office and all the team, but precautions are a must in these difficult times.

I’m glad we live in an age of technology, otherwise how else would we occupy ourselves with all the time in doors.

I am enjoying my work as this is a busy time for me with it being year end and lots of project reporting must be done all stuff that I really enjoy doing.

I think everyone feels happier when the work you do is serving a greater purpose and adding value to others lives. This is why I love my job because it makes a real difference in peoples life.

I just want to praise all the team for the much needed work you all do and hope to see you very soon back at the office!!!

– Teyyibah

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