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We are here to meet individual needs. Through face to face interaction and relationship building, we focus on personal strengths to achieve holistic outcomes.

  • What

    We are Community Solutions, an innovative charity and social enterprise, specialising in engagement and support.

  • How

    We empower local people to meet local needs, promoting independence, confidence and self-esteem.

  • Why

    We believe that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and the best that they can be.


Our people

We're committed to offering hope and opportunity to local people. Find out about the individuals who work within our organisation.

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How we're governed

We have a board of trustees who meet every six weeks to support the management team in their roles. They have legal and strategic responsibility for our organisation.

The board is made up of a chairperson, a finance and business person, company secretary, operations director and a social care & education specialist.

We also have a board of local professionals who advise us from private, public and faith perspectives.

Community Solutions North West is a company limited by guarantee, company number 7516227 and registered in England and a registered charity, Charity Number 1180530 registered at Elmfield Hall, Gatty Park, Hyndburn, Accrington BB5 4AA

It's all in the name - this organisation is all about providing solutions for the community, helping people to help each other. There is so much energy in this group and their positivity is infectious - we applaud the impact they have made.
Paul Hemmings | CEO at Global Renewables Lancashire
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