Benefits Of Starting A New Hobby

08th February 2021

With our normal lives being paused for so long now, it is no surprise that people are looking into starting a new hobby or rekindling an old one.

But aside from the need for spontaneity, is there more to adopting new hobbies than just finding ways to pass the time?

We have done some research and found a few people who have openly discussed way they went on to search new hobbies and the benefits it has brought them.

Using creativity to ease the tension

Flicking through social media and binge-watching series on Netflix can only do so much, especially since days are blurred during lockdown. We have found that people are always looking for different ways of expressing creativity to ease the tension.

For a 35-year-old working mum, creating plushies and soft books for her son became her new hobby. It turned into an extra income resource during this period, as she started getting inquiries and orders when she shared her son’s photo playing with her creations.

A 19-years-old college student also turned to DIY crafting to soothe her mind and address the irregular sleeping patterns she developed when she started staying in.

And for a 23-year-old hairdresser, rediscovering her love for songwriting and fiction-writing became her escape.

All of them shared that these are things usually difficult to maintain or pursue in their regular day-to-day but has become more accessible during this period, all while keeping anxious thoughts at bay.

Discovering reflection through sweets

It seems that many have also turned to tasty treats during this period, but not just for stress-eating.

A 27-years old business-woman shared that as someone from a multi-cultural family, the luxury of time allowed her to dig deeper into her heritage through baking and further challenged her to work with ingredient limitations.

And a 34-years-old dad and engineer, shared similar sentiments when it comes to the limitations, but remains positive. He explained that this lifestyle change helped him overcome his tendency to postpone things and now, with nowhere to run, it made him realise that not only is baking a fun activity to do with his kids, but it also helped him to deal with cabin fever and anxiety.

Pressing pause from productivity

Not all hobbies have to be productive. For some, slowing down is the way to go to combat the change.

A busy 43-years-old business owner said that stargazing is her new hobby. She explained that despite the simplicity of the act, it helps a lot with depression and makes her feel grounded and present.

A 25-years-old IT technician, on the other hand, shared that playing the Xbox game Just Dance with his brother and cousin is his hobby of choice. He said that aside from helping alleviate the mood, it also encourages the family to bond and exercise, something they could not all commit to before.

Starting a new hobby helps create a different mindset no matter what its nature or calibre is. This is due to human nature’s natural craving to seek changes in our daily routines, be it big or small, especially during trying times. It is important for people to identify and engage in hobbies as it allows us to disengage from our current situation, to the point that we no longer worry as much about what is happening.

When these hobbies become activities that inspire anticipation or excitement, it also alleviates one’s sense of hopefulness and optimism — which, honestly, is something we all need a dose of, this time and beyond.

There should be an intent to continue to engage in these hobbies, to continuously connect with the joy and satisfaction these activities bring, and intent to draw up a plan where these hobbies are now included in what will become our ‘new’ normal routines.

Benefits Of Starting A New Hobby
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