How To Become a Volunteer

27th March 2020

Have you ever thought about becoming a volunteer but didn?t know where to begin? We?re always on the look out for volunteers at CSNW, and have a wide range of opportunities available to suit you. Our Volunteers can help in all sorts of ways, we?re happy to have you on board if you have a skill or expertise that you would like to share. If you?d like to know more, follow these simple steps and we?ll be in touch!

Step one: Go to our website here:

Have a scroll through the information, watch our video if you wish and then when you?re ready you will see a yellow button that says Application. Click that button to start your journey to becoming a volunteer. Don?t worry too much if you don?t see a role that you fancy, we are adaptable and can always find something suitable for someone who is dedicated and has the time to help us out.

Step two: Your Application is received

When you send your application to us we will review it in a meeting called Panel. We hold this on a weekly basis and it?s where we review our applicants and assign a staff member who will then contact you to talk about the next steps.

Step three: The meeting

When the allocated staff member contacts you, they will ask you for the following;

  • A day when you?re available to come and meet them face to face and complete a Volunteer Assessment. (Don?t worry it? not like an assessment at school it’s just to see where you are and what skills you may have)
  • They?ll ask you to bring important documents so that we can start the DBS process like a passport, driving licence and something with your address on.
  • They will then book you onto our Volunteer Induction course which runs over 2 days. This is where you will receive vital and relevant training to help you become a volunteer here at Community Solutions.

Step four: Finding your perfect role

Once you have completed all of the above your allocated staff member will ask to meet you again to discuss what type of volunteer role you would like to do and to see what is suitable for you as a person. You can click on the following links to read about two of the three Pathways you can go down, but as we keep saying we are adaptable and can help you to find a role that?s right for you.

Elmfield Hall Pathway:

People Pathway:

Step five: Your first day

Your first day as a volunteer can be scary but you don?t need to worry as there are so many people who will be surrounding you who want you to succeed. You will also have support from your allocated staff member who will continue to check up on you to see how you are doing and to ask questions if you need help too

I started as a Volunteer and it?s one of the best things that I did here at Community Solutions.  Look at me now, I?m writing blogs for them and looking after their social media! Volunteering has no limits so why don?t you come and join the team, we are all looking forward to meeting you.

Blog by Reuben Wingfield

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