It’s Loneliness Awareness Week! #LonelinessAwarenessWeek

16th June 2022

Created and hosted by Marmalade Trust, the annual campaign raises awareness of loneliness across the UK (and beyond!) and gets people talking about it.

Quick Guide to Loneliness

1. Loneliness is completely natural.

Most of us will experience loneliness at some point in our lives. Loneliness doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you – it’s your body’s way of letting you know that you’re not getting your social needs met.

2. Loneliness isn’t just something older people feel.

People aged 16-24 are now the most likely group to be affected by loneliness.

3. There are different types of loneliness.

Some loneliness is situational, loneliness can be linked to a specific life event, workplace loneliness can be felt at work, emotional loneliness can happen in relationships and families.

4. Think about how you describe loneliness.

Very often it’s described as something we ‘suffer’ from and that we ‘admit’ to having. There is nothing to feel embarrassed or shameful about.

5. Loneliness is fixable.

Often it can feel overwhelming and something that we will feel forever, but we can take immediate steps to feel better.

6. Loneliness is not a mental health condition.

It is a normal human reaction when we’re not getting our social needs met. If left unchecked, loneliness can start to affect our mental and physical health.

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