A Little Bit of History

29th July 2018

You may have walked passed or even been in Elmfield Hall many times, but do you know anything about the building or it’s history?

Elmfield Hall (c.1853) in Gatty Park, Church, was originally the family home of the Gatty family. Prior to this, the area was known as Steiner Park. Both Frederick Steiner and Frederick Albert Gatty were originally from Alsace Lorraine (then France) and had come to Lancashire to work in the Turkey Red dyeing and printing industry.

Gatty had a small dye house built next to the house, where it is believed he conducted some of his dye research. This has remained largely untouched and includes a well and a large dye pit.

The Gatty family moved out of the building prior to the First World War, when the building was used as a military hospital. In 1920 Elmfield Hall and its grounds were donated by the Gatty family, along with the sum of £500 for the maintenance of the park as a gift for the people of Church.

More recently it has become our home and the base for our local community support. We think Mr Gatty would have liked this!

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