Purpose on Purpose

02nd August 2018

Do you have a reason to get out of bed each day or a spring in your step? Some of us do… most of us don’t!

Often the reason is that we haven’t found the thing that gives us purpose. Finding your passion in life can be hard and getting into a rut is easy to do. For me, my purpose was found in helping others. Often we focus on ourselves and yet reaching out and helping others can put our own issues into a clearer perspective. This doesn’t mean turning into the next Mother Teresa, which I found difficult to understand. I used to think that this is what I needed to be. My skills and talents are far from hers but I can still be utilised to help people. At 37 I found the thing I was good at, after years of working with people. Never did I expect the result would be Community Solutions.

My advice to you if you are wanting to find your purpose is to look to a cause that is bigger than you. Use the talents you have got alongside the drive of others and give your time to pursue your purpose. To help find your purpose why not come to talk to us about?volunteering.

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