Smart Budgeting

26th April 2020

We all have found ourselves re-assessing how to do life during this lockdown, how to shop, how to entertain ourselves, how to feed a family, or ourselves etc as some of us have now got limited income. For others it?s a great time to sit down and take a closer look at our finance?s and maybe create a new budget, or if we?re honest for some of us actually start one!

Our Smart Budgeting course is ideal for anyone wanting to save money, spend a little wiser or make their money go a little bit further. During the course we will be taking a look on how to create good spending habits, understand how creating a budget will help you take control of your finances, and hopefully learn over time how you will be in control of your finances and not your finances being in control of you!

We?ll be looking at the average spending of a family in the UK, specifically looking at weekly household spending in the North West, let?s keep it local. Where to look to save money on your bills and how we as an organisation can help you on a one to one basis, if needed to get you on track, through our Digital Drop In.

This fun and informative course will give you the tools to look at your finances honestly and change any unhealthy relationships with money into a healthy outlook, setting good boundaries. If, you need further help with your budgeting we?ll share where you can get help from charities who care and help you get out of financial ruts, traps and worries.

Throughout the session we?ll work on a digital budget sheet, which we will then send to you at the end of the day, allowing you to ?have a go? at creating your own personalised budget when the course is over.

So, get yourself booked on, you?ll be amongst people who care and are in similar situations as you, don?t do life alone, let?s do this together!

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