Ten Things to Do at Home During Isolation

23rd March 2020

In this time of uncertainty, here are 10 ways to keep yourself busy at home if you are in isolation or if you just want a bit of time alone.


Baking is a great way to keep busy and use up that flour you haven?t used since last spring; however, I would recommend checking the use by date we don?t want any bad cakes. Not only will it keep you busy, but it will also make you think about what you are doing helping you be more mindful and easing the boredom. Plus, you also get some delicious cake at the end of it all. (depending if you can bake!) If you?re looking for simple recipes why not check out the BBC Good Food or Baking Mad websites for lots of great ideas.

Binge watch that show you meant to last summer.

Do you have a TV show that you didn?t manage to watch that has been on your mind? ME TOO! So why don?t you get that show on, sit down and relax ? now is the perfect time to watch it and not feel guilty. But be careful not to watch too many in one sitting and to remember regular breaks and snacks.

Do some puzzles

Doing a puzzle, be that a jigsaw, crossword or playing sudoku, can help stimulate your brain and gives you a challenge. There are plenty of puzzles online for you to do or you can even get those old puzzle books out of that cupboard in your front room and get cracking. Why not have a look at Games.co.uk for some interesting puzzles to try?

Read a Book

Why not pick up a romance novel and jump into those pages or make a start on that thriller you?ve always wanted to read. Reading is a great way to pass the time and it also helps you to forget about what?s going on in the real world. Now?s the time to escape and delve into the streets of New York, or maybe even Mordor!

Do some exercise

Doing some form of exercise, be that walking up and down the stairs or putting on your favourite tunes and dancing around the kitchen, is a great ways to keep your body active as well as your mind.

Did you know that when you exercise your brain produces endorphins that help make you feel happier? So come on, get up and boogie with us.

Take up a new hobby

If you have a bit of spare time on your hands why don?t you use it to take up a new hobby? From learning how to knit to learning how to program a computer game, there are plenty of free ways that you can learn. Have a look on YouTube or Pinterest for ideas or ask a loved one to pick up a hobby or craft magazine when they get to the supermarket for the essentials.

Call your friends and family

At this moment in time, the chances are that you aren?t the only one who is isolating themselves. Why not reach out and phone or video call someone who may also be alone in this difficult time. Not only will you make their day but it could make yours too.

Learn to draw

Leaning to draw can seem a bit daunting but it really doesn?t have to be.? There are so many amazing artists on YouTube who have videos to help you learn how to draw be that like a cartoonist or a graphic designer. ?Why not start by watching Happy Drawings on YouTube for some ideas or simply let your imagination go wild and draw whatever you feel on a blank piece of paper.

Play board games

If you are isolating in a house with your partner or family, why not crack the board games out and get competitive. It?s a great way to increase your relationship and spend some quality time with loved ones. Games like Monopoly or Scrabble can even be educational too.

Write a blog

Blog writing is a great way to keep your mind active and let your creative juices flow. Blog is almost like an online diary, or a way in which you can share your ideas, stories or thoughts. ?It’s easy to start a blog, try WordPress, Blogger or Weebly, and it can help people connect with you as a person. You can blog about anything that interests you and you think other people may like too. and who knows, you might even make money from it!

Blog Written by Reuben Wingfield

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