Understanding Visit Me

04th March 2020

Our Visit Me Campaign has been piloted for just over 6 months now, so we thought we’d catch up with our Visit Me volunteers to find out more about what the campaign means to them and the people they visit.

The project initially started when our CEO visited some of our participants, who were in hospital, back in September 2019. She would take a magazine, crossword puzzles and biscuits and simply sit with them. What she soon realised was that most of our participants didn?t really have many people, if any, visiting them and that they really didn?t know what was going on or what their next steps were.

From these visits a desire to help those facing hospital alone grew and #VisitMe was born. Here?s what our Visit Me team have to say:


?In my regular job at Community Solutions I work as a trainer, running free courses for our participants, volunteers and the local community. When I learnt about Visit Me I knew I wanted to be a part of it and I?ve since had the honour and privilege to take on the project, run with the vision and visit people!

I can?t express enough how important these visits are to the people we visit. I?m sure most of us have spent time in hospital ourselves, or spent time visiting relatives, and have noticed the one patient who never seems to get any visitors. It?s our belief that nobody should have to face life alone, especially during difficult times like being in hospital.

The smile and the response I receive when I visit someone is priceless. They are usually ?blown? away by the kindness shown to them and are happy to see a friendly face by the bedside.

On our visits we take a box of essentials, in a carefully designed box, to our participants ranging from a magazine to toiletries or snacks and treats. We then sit with them, chat with them and offer them a listening ear. The difference we make is immense!

Unfortunately, we have had a couple of precious souls leave this earth, which is quite tough really, but we know we?ve made such a massive difference to their stay in hospital and helped to make it more bearable. ?

The Visit Me Campaign I know will ?take off? once officially launched. Our visits make a real difference to people, and help them to know that they are not alone especially during tough times.?


?Visit Me is something very close to my heart.

The people I have visited in hospital are frustrated and lonely, they haven?t had any visitors and often they are unsure of what is happening with their treatment or next steps.

It is nice to see their face light up, if only for a little while, whenever they see a new face. They really appreciate the fact that someone has taken the time to go and visit them. I have chatted with them, given a gift bag and asked if there is anything they need, quite often it is just to off load a little about their feelings and worries of family or friends.

A man I visited said that I didn?t need to take him a bag but when I explained how important he was to us at Community Solutions it made his day. It is nice to connect with family members who may live away and to also help to be a voice for the person who is unwell too.

I?m really proud to be part of such and important campaign and look forward to seeing it grow and develop?.

There are several ways in which you can help us with our Visit Me campaign. From raising funds to donating goods for our essentials packs or even by becoming a volunteer and carrying out visits. For more information call us on 01254 460080.

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