Why is Volunteering important to Community Solutions?

07th April 2020

Volunteering is so important to us here at Community Solutions for so many reasons. The greatest reason to volunteer is to support others and make a positive impact and difference to someone else?s life. Our aim is to support our local community and together with your help, we can achieve this aim.

At Community Solutions, we have just over 20 paid staff members, each with a lot of work to do. We have many ways that you can volunteer and help us, including the People Pathway and the Elmfield Hall Pathway, and every Volunteer has an important part to play. 

We rely on volunteers to help us make a difference in the community and to help us reach even more people. In 2019 we had 270 volunteers doing 15,147 hours in total which speaks volumes about how important volunteers are to us as an organisation.

Without our Volunteers, our Befriending service wouldn?t be as widespread as it is now, and we wouldn?t be able to reach as many as we do. In 2019 our volunteers offered more than 285.5 hours of telephone befriending and more than 2000 hours of 1 to 1 befriending, that?s a lot of hours!

Volunteering is vital to who we are as Community Solutions. It allows us to do the work we do with the limited resources we have available to us. Just a few hours a week would mean that one more person in our community isn?t alone and knows that they have worth.

If you would like to make a difference in your community and have a few hours spare a week, please consider joining our amazing volunteer family and help make a someone?s life a little less lonely. Click here to find out more and fill out our volunteer application to begin your journey today: https://csnw.co.uk/get-involved/volunteer/

Blog by Reuben Wingfield

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