It's 10 years since CSNW began, and what a decade it has been!

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Transforming lives to support communities

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We support, resource and empower

We are a community resource, which involves local people to meet local need. We support, resource and empower people to improve their health, economic status and emotional wellbeing.


How can you get involved?

Local people help us to do what we do best. If you're interested in helping the community, increasing social opportunities or learning new skills you would make an amazing volunteer.


Do you know some who needs help?

Our impacting, individual and group support services are accessible to all. Focused on physical and emotional wellbeing, we are here to chat and offer relational solutions to help you or someone you may know.

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Since getting involved with Community Solutions, life is better and I feel better. My wife had passed away and before your support I just wanted to be alone. I am so glad I met you.
Mr.Smith - CSNW Volunteer
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